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United Kingdom


Britain is surrounded by some of the most productive waters in Europe, and we are working hard to rebuild its fish stocks for the sake of the marine environment and the people who depend on it. Research shows that sustainable fishing translates as more food, more fish and more jobs for the UK within just a few years.

By making the right decisions, politicians can play a vital role in boosting the marine life and fish catches in British waters. The UK has an opportunity to increase its fish catches in a sustainable way, and Oceana will do its best to influence decision-makers - because, protecting the oceans requires a good legislation and brave political moves.



Oceana opened its London office in the summer of 2018 to strengthen its research and policy work in the country.

Our primary conservation goals in the UK are to establish a network of coherent and well-managed marine protected areas (MPAs) in its waters and to stop overfishing by working alongside policymakers and stakeholders to promote the benefits of sustainable fishing and to restore dwindling fish populations.

We are not only fact-based, but we also generate our own data thanks to our committed team of scientists. Oceana has been organising at-sea expeditions in Europe every year since 2005, garnering first-hand information with professional divers and a remotely operated vehicle (ROV). In fact, many of Oceana campaigners are also authors of scientific papers and our conservation proposals are based on an in-depth review of data in addition to our own findings.