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Clean Energy

Climate & Energy: Clean Energy

The serious effects of Climate Change on our planet, ecosystems and populations make this one a particularly important moment: it is the end of fossil fuel and the beginning of a new era of renewable energies.

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August, 2012

Castilla Power Plant Defeated by Chilean Supreme Court

After a long battle by Oceana and allies, a planned coal-fired thermoelectric power plant in Northern Chile known as Castilla, was rejected by the Chilean Supreme Court.

The Castilla plant was planned for the Punta Cachos region, just a few kilometers from important habitats for Humboldt penguins, sea turtles and one of Chile’s few seagrass meadows. As part of its operations, the plant would have released warm water into the ocean, which could have affected the entire ecosystem. 

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March, 2011

Second Coal-Fired Power Plant Defeated in Chile

For the second time in less than a year, Oceana helped defeat a coal-fired power plant on the coast of Northern Chile. The CAP company announced last week that it was withdrawing its plans to construct the Cruz Grande thermoelectric power plant.

Cruz Grande was slated to be a 300-megawatt thermoelectric power plant in the region of La Higuera in Northern Chile, a few miles from the Choros-Damas and Chañaral island marine reserves, and near the Humboldt Penguin National Reserve, which is home to the world’s largest population of Humboldt penguins. The region also hosts communities of bottlenose dolphins, marine otters and many marine birds and mammals, including blue whales.

March, 2011

Segunda Central Energética de Carbón derrotada en Chile

Por segunda vez en menos de un año, Oceana ayudó a frenar la construcción de una planta energética a base de carbón en la costa del Norte de Chile. La Compañía CAP anunció la semana pasada que abandonaba los planes de construir la planta termoeléctrica Cruz Grande. Estaba previsto que Cruz Grande fuera una planta de energía termoeléctrica de 300-megavatios en la región de La Higuera en el Norte de Chile, a pocas millas de las reservas marinas isleñas de Choros-Damas y Chañaral y cerca de la Reserva Nacional de Pingüinos Humboldt, que acoge la mayor cantidad de pingüinos Humboldt del mundo. La región también es el hogar de comunidades de delfines mulares, nutrias marinas y muchas aves y mamíferos marinos, incluidas las ballenas azules.

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