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Balearic Islands

Mediterranean: Balearic Islands

The Balearic Island archipelago is located in the western Mediterranean Sea off Spain’s eastern coast.

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September, 2016

1,400 square kilometers in the Balearic Islands protected from destructive fishing

After four years of Oceana’s campaigning for increased protections, Spain announced a ban on bottom trawling and other destructive fishing methods in a 1,400 square kilometer region between Mallorca and Menorca. The Spanish government also expanded the protected area in Fort d’en Moreu, a vibrant reef to the east of Cabrera that has been threatened by illegal trawling activity. The Spanish government’s compliance with EU legislation and action to protect valuable seascapes signifies a critical step towards securing greater protections – important for both habitat preservation and healthy marine ecosystems – in Spanish waters.

May, 2016

Denmark protects new areas with key ecosystems in Kattegat

On May 6th, the Danish government released its long-awaited decision to establish new marine protected areas (MPAs) in the Kattegat. The MPAs will protect fragile and threatened soft bottom species and habitats, such as sea pens and Haploops, which are largely left unprotected throughout European waters. Once in place, the 590 km2 areas, spread over nine fragmented regions, will defend key ecosystems that play an important role in maintaining healthy fish stocks.

August, 2014

Conseguida la protección de dos montañas submarinas en Baleares

Tras siete años de campaña de Oceana, el Gobierno español prohíbe el arrastre sobre un arrecife de coralígeno al este de Cabrera (el Fort d’en Moreu) y dos montañas submarinas del Canal de Mallorca, Ausiàs March y Émile Baudot. Las 40.000 hectáreas que abarca esta decisión incluyen tipos de hábitats protegidos por legislación nacional e internacional, como lechos de maërl, jardines de gorgonias y bosques de quelpos.

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