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Ecoalf has supported Oceana’s campaign in the Baltic by donating recycled-fabric bags.

Special thanks to Ecoalf for their in-kind donation that will be used during the international organization’s expedition in the Baltic.

After years of research and significant investment in R&D, Ecoalf has launched the 1st generation of products 100% made out of recycled and recyclable materials, such as illegal driftnets.

It´s widely known that whales are among the largest animals on earth. But what other giants lie beneath the surface of the seas? Unlike giant animals roaming on land such as elephants and hippos, it´s trickier to explore the vast and immense oceans - and so much remains undiscovered.

Nevertheless, scientists have encountered a few surprising giants of the sea, including the aptly named whale shark. The world´s largest living fish can measure up to an intimidating13 m, but  this gentle filter-feeder mostly eats plankton.