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Oceana, alongside an international team of scientists, discovered a new species of glass sponge in the western Mediterranean. Sympagella delauzei measures about three to five inches long, and as found as depths of about 1,100 to 1,600 feet. Because Mediterranean waters are generally not favorable to glass sponges, which prefer colder waters, the discovery came as a surprise to the scientists.

Joe Nocera’s piece in The New York Times today, “The Moral of the Kulluk,” should be read by anyone seeking a fair and insightful consideration of the merits of drilling for oil in the American Arctic Ocean.  Nocera wrote this article in response to McKenzie Funk’s New York Times Magazine article (January 4, 2014), “The Wreck of the Kulluk”—a

For those following Oceana’s campaign to protect the East Coast from seismic blasting, we have exciting news to share: 25 towns along the East Coast have now passed resolutions opposing or expressing concern with seismic airgun use! Earlier this month, New Smyrna Beach, Florida—located along the coastal central-east region of the state—passed a resolution, bringing the total number to 25.

From President Obama designating the world’s largest marine reserve to establishing the first-ever Task Force on tackling seafood fraud, 2014 was a big year for our oceans. Oceana was there every step of the way, advocating for clean energy, traceability in the seafood supply chain, sustainable fisheries, and more.