West coast of Mallorca. Diving in Cape Blanco and sailing to Ibiza. | Oceana EU
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Today, we returned to Cape Blanco, on the west coast of Mallorca, a few miles south of Palma. We wanted to dive in the area again because these sandy bottoms harbour a wide variety of ascidians and other interesting species we want to document.


Because of the depth, between 35 and 40m, the divers can only spend a short time under water so we wanted to repeat the dive to get more images of the species that live here and their distribution on the sand.  After a few hours of waiting for the weather to improve, the wind did not allow us to work under safe conditions, so we had to cancel the dive. We set sail to the north coast of Ibiza, 10 hours away, so we will get there around 4 or 5 in the morning. We can begin diving first thing in the morning if the weather holds up. The sailors, captain and logistics director are in charge of keeping watch. They take 3-hour shifts and this time they must keep watch alone, without the divers (who usually take turns keeping them company), because the divers need to rest and get ready for work tomorrow. 

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