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Nudibranchs are a group of sea slugs that have magnificent bright colors and are known around the world for that. There are really few restrictions to what color these creatures can have. Mostly they are natives to more tropical waters but actually, 178 species have been described in Scandinavian waters.

Nudibranchs are fascinating creatures –they have no gills or shell, they are hermaphrodites and communicate with chemical signals. Here you can see some of our favourite species in the North of Europe.

  •  Coryphella/Flabellina verucosa

Grows up to 15-25mm in length and can be found in northern Norway and the west coast of Sweden

  • Dendronotus frondosus

Grows up to 100mm and can be found in southern Sweden (Baltic Sea)

  • Acanthodoris pilosa

Usually reaches 40mm in length and can be found at coast of southern Sweden

Learn more about nudibranchs here.

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