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Blog Posts by: Jesús Molino

Engines registered 4910 operation hours, which means they´ve been running for 400h since we set sail 26 days ago from Burriana´s port in Castellon; therefore the engines and the diesel circuit need a complete checking. Engines are crucial in terms of propulsion and of course safety. It´s important to pay special attention to the management of oil and filters residues. We dropped them at La Restinga´s household waste recycling center and took advantage to buy some supplies for the next few days.

Today is the last day of fieldwork. The rest of work will be done from different venues and it´ll consist of video reviewing, data collection, documentation, presentations and a long etc… The ROV team: Xavier, Maribel, Albert and Mike, worked from the other side of the bay on shore operations and we (the divers) drove about 12 miles to carry out two more immersions. After a smooth and comfortable but somewhat long journey, we arrived at the first diving spot.

After a few days of work in Norrskär, we set off to Poland. It will take about 1500km and a ferry to get to the area. Our colleagues here have been studying for days the areas and ports so we can carry out the ROV operations, the diving and fishing ports documentation. Unlike previous years, this time we will work one more week until the time to go home comes.

Today is my day off. The divers will be filming around Cartagena and are letting me go with them on the two dives they will be doing today.

I put all the diving material Thierry gives me in a bag. After preparing the equipment, we wait for the zodiac from the dive shop to pick us up. At 9:30 on the dot, we see it coming through the port’s main canal. No need to ask questions. The zodiac is flying the alpha flag that lets everyone know there are divers working underneath; we are surrounded by neoprene, regulators and cameras, so there is no doubt we are going to be diving today.