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We’ve teamed up with WWF, FishFight, BirdLife, Paint a Fish, and Ocean2012 to get as many people on board to stop bankrupting our oceans and allow fish stocks in Europe to recover.

This interactive campaign allows you to send a message directly to your Fisheries Minister – we’ve already seen the power of citizens when the European Parliament voted overwhelmingly for a stronger Common Fisheries Policy a few months ago. The negotiations are now taking place, and now is not the time to loosen the pressure on our representatives. That’s why we need you to make your voice heard.

Head over to http://allaboard.panda.org/ - take a look at who is already on board, and fill out a boarding card to send to your ministers. Share your support via Twitter and Facebook. With your help we can reverse the damage to our oceans and restore fish stocks to sustainable levels, so that we can continue to enjoy fish for generations to come.

We’re on board for sustainable fisheries, are you?

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