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Today is Monday and we start working “on the spot”. We thought we’re going to find known faces from the ICCAT meeting, and we’re right. Even though CITES is a conservation-oriented meeting, this year the presence and interference of the fishing industry is going to be stronger than ever because of the importance of the issues herein discussed. But we got a great team. We are ready for it!

Hi everybody! Sorry for not writing before but with all the travel rush we just didn’t have a minute to do it. We finally made it to Doha! We arrived on Sunday night to attend the CITES meeting. From the taxi cab we could see a scenario of lights and anarchic skyscrapers which made the sky turn in orange color. Not too cozy, actually. However, this feeling changed right when we met our colleagues at the hotel. No matter where we are, we have a bunch of things to do, and we have to make it worth it.

What do you get when you mix '80s pop star Debbie (Sorry, Deborah) Gibson, Lorenzo Lamas and an epic sea monster battle? A bold and beautiful film, indeed: Mega Shark vs. Giant Octupus. The release date is a week from today, so head to a theater -- er, DVD-purveyor -- to find out what happens when a submarine gets caught between two unfrozen prehistoric monsters, the megalodon and the kraken-like giant octopus. Here's the trailer: