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Monica Brick Peres

Vice President, Brasil
Executive Committee

Monica began her professional life studying the biology of commercially important fisheries populations. This close contact with fishing sector, ports and people, made her realize how complex, culturally rich and fascinating this world is. Through her work, she developed a deep respect for fishers and their knowledge.

As a fisheries biologist, she loves fish and sharks. Contrary to what most people think, many fish species may be especially vulnerable to intensive fisheries because they form aggregations that are easy to target and catch. She is interested in developing the knowledge and management necessary to maintain and recover marine fish abundance. Protecting the oceans to maintain healthy and abundant marine life is the only way to feed the increasing world's human population.

The ocean has always been her main source of inner energy, motivation and inspiration. So she’s very happy to join the Oceana team and proud to have the opportunity to work on improving marine conservation and fisheries management in Brazil.

Monica Brick Peres is the Vice-President of Oceana Brasil. Born in Rio de Janeiro, she holds a BS degree in Marine Biology and a MSc and a PhD in Biological Oceanography. Her background includes public policy formulation, marine aquatic science, education, fisheries assessment and management.